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 If you desire to know more about God, the Word and you. Or if you feel a call to ministry and would like further training then this is for you! Come explore the bible from Genesis to Revelation as we grow in the race and knowledge of God!

First year curriculum

1st trimester

  • Understanding the bible – Old Testament survey

  • New Creation realities (book E.W Kenyon)

  • Fundamentals of faith – Bible in the light of redemption (Identification, substitution, redemption) (book E.W Kenyon)

  • The life of prayer (book)

2nd trimester

  • Understanding the bible – Old Testament survey continued

  • Blood covenant (book)

  • Authority of the believer (Kenneth Hagin book)

  • Excellence in ministry

3rd Trimester

  • Understanding the bible – New Testament survey

  • Present day ministry of Christ (book EW Kenyon from cross to the throne)

  • The Holy Spirit and you (Kenneth Hagin manual)

  • Divine Healing (book F.F Bosworth)

2nd year Curriculum

1st trimester

  • Marriage -  The right balance, God’s dream team (Book TL Osborn)

  • Effective ministry (sermon preparation and delivery)

  • How to minister to the sick and oppressed - Jesus our example

  • Understanding the anointing (book Kenneth Hagin)


2nd trimester

  • Demons and deliverance (video lessons Lester Sumrall)

  • Developing your spiritual man; Spirit soul body series (book/videos Kenneth Hagin)

  • Faith in Finances (God’s trust to us)

  • Effective parenting for Christians

3rd Trimester

  • The Word of Faith (speaking God’s word)

  • The Message that works (the Power of the gospel, seed power)

  • Finding your place in ministry

  • Foundations for success – Building for the long term (race not a sprint)

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